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Dr. Lauren Swerdloff | Santa Monica

Dr. Swerdloff integrates conventional and functional medicine so in addition to lifestyle changes, your treatment plan may include combinations of drugs, botanical medicines, nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets, or detoxification programs.

Her mission is to improve the quality of her patient’s lives with nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, meditation, acupuncture, anti-aging protocols, bio-identical hormonal replacement therapy (HRT), DNA testing, and other alternative approaches to problems.

As a patient of a Functional Medicine provider you have a big role in choosing those treatments and become an active partner with Dr. Swerdloff in the design of your own treatment plan. This allows you to really be in charge of improving your own health and changing the outcome of disease.

Integrating Conventional & Alternative Medicine for the

Wellness of Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Wellness Treatments & Service Offered:


Thermogram Scans for early disease detection

DNA testing for disease susceptibility

Detoxification Protocols for Heavy Metal/Environmental Toxicity

Weight Loss Programs individualized to you

Anti-Aging and Longevity Programs

IV & Injection of Vitamin Therapies

Nutritional Counseling

Available for children and adults for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders, cancer, viral illness, hormone imbalances, fatigue, nutritional and energy deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, gut disturbances, environmental illnesses, and more.

Preventative medicine focus is on wellness rather than dis-ease, helping patients find the “Joie de Vivre” that will enable them to live a more vital, healthier, and longer life.

Because the dynamic nature of medicine and our culture, we are continually researching new therapies and are a clinical model to determine the effectiveness of non-conventional therapies.

Family & Urgent Care Medicine

Accepting new adult and child patients for family and urgent care appointments. My office is a calm, supportive, and comfortable environment designed to promote healing for patients during times of difficulty and stress to support spiritual and emotional healing. My goal is to provide you with excellent quality healthcare at the most reasonable price to assist you in living a longer and healthier life with quality and vitality.

PPO Insurance Accepted:

Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Aetna, and Medicare.

Payment Accepted:

Cash, check and credit cards, as well as Kumba Cash Payments and CareCredit for out-of-pocket payments for those who are uninsured, and for care that is not covered by your insurance or deductibles.

Are you poisoning yourself with “healthy” foods?

Avoid these so called “healthy” foods at all costs! They cause inflammation, can throw your hormones into an unhealthy state, or full of chemicals!

How To Heal Your Leaky Gut Naturally

The key to healing a leaky gut is changing your diet and eliminating the foods that your body treats as toxic.

7 benefits of Bio Identical HRT

Learn how these hormones mimic a 20 year old’s natural hormone levels

How Do Thermograms Detect Cancer in the Body Early?

Thermal scans detect heat changes in cells, signifying inflammation and disease, for early detection of cancer and other illnesses.


Gather 6 co-workers, family, and friends for a


All 6 ladies schedule a thermogram on the same day, or within the same week,

and each will receive our Group Rate (or buy 5 and the 6th is FREE).

We offer this special all year-round, not just in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Dr. Lauren Swerdloff is a Board Certified Family Physician in practice since 1990, she is known for her integrative approach combining principles of conventional medicine with alternative, investigative and preventative medicine for anti-aging from the inside out.

She pays attention to your mind, body, and spirit to achieve your optimum level of health and longevity. She is a Diplomat both in Anti-aging and in Nutritional Medicine by World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) and is eligible for Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization Diplomacy by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Completed Fellowship in Hormonal Therapy with the International Hormone Society.

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