Family Medicine, Internal Medicine & Urgent Care

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Dr Swerdloff is a Board Certified Family Physician and is trained to evaluate people of all age ranges from birth till old age.  Each individual is considered in context of his or her Family, whether they are currently living with their family of origin, their family of creation, or not.  Although doctor Swerdloff has held Hospital Privileges for over 10 years she is currently focusing on patients seen in her office.


Dr. Swerdloff has been practicing Urgent Care Medicine part time since 1990.  There are many aspects of the Urgent care that are complementary to her regular medical practice. She is particularly talented at suturing and quickly diagnosing urgent problems.  It gives her the opportunity to interact with people who might not otherwise come into contact with her and offer some of her deeper wisdom about some of the subtle problems she notices they may have and her suggestions for prevention and treatment.