Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies

The Wiley Protocol HRT for Men and Women

The Wiley Protocol® is a trademarked, patent protocol hormone replacement therapy (HRT) delivery system. It consists of biomimetic estradiol and progesterone in a topical cream preparation dosed to mimic the natural hormones produced by your body when you were 20 years-old.

It can be used for:

Insomnia • Weight gain • Anxiety • Low Sex Drive

• Migraines • Depression • Mood Swings

• Hot Flashes • Menopause • Andropause

• Memory Loss • Osteoporosis • PMS

The creams and their amounts are designed to vary throughout the 28 day cycle because your youthful hormone levels naturally fluctuate. The Wiley Protocol targets age 20 as a baseline because heart disease and stroke, Type II diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease are not usual concerns for a healthy young individual.

Approximately 80% of women with a uterus who have used the WP have had perfectly normal regular menstrual periods every 28 days.

Replacing subtle hormone deficiencies with natural or bioidentical hormones:

  • Testosterone Insufficiency
  • Estrogen Insufficiency
  • Progesterone Insufficiency
  • DHEA Insufficiency
  • Thyroid Insufficiency
  • Adrenal Insufficiency
  • Aldosterone Insufficiency
  • Melatonin Insufficiency
  • Pregnenalone Insufficiency
  • Growth Hormone Insufficiency
  • Cortisol Insufficiency
  • Insulin Insufficiency

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