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Dr. Swerdloff’s office has CAATS (Computer Anti Aging Touch Screen) a software program with particular focus on hormonal imbalances. Patients receive a series of questionnaires, which are answered on a computer touch-screen. The questions are multiple-choice to allow the Patient to indicate the severity of his or her symptoms. Follow-up questionnaires, made up of subsets of the originals are completed for each patient visit to record progress over time. On questionnaire completion, the Patient’s responses are processed instantaneously to provide a preliminary diagnose. The doctor’s physical examination is recorded and processed in a similar manner. The results, in turn, guide the Dr. Swerdloff in determining what subsequent laboratory, X-Ray and other tests should be carried out to confirm the Patient’s condition. Once the diagnoses are confirmed and quantified, the patient undergoes the appropriate treatments, together with scheduled follow-up consultations.

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Dr. Swerdloff’s Santa Monica office

is adorned with artwork she and others created.

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